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Grok (pronounced grock) is a verb roughly meaning "to understand completely" or more formally "to achieve complete intuitive understanding".


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21.Dec.2008 11:12 - In which we pretty much ruin The Idiotic Remake Of The Day The Earth Stood Still for everyone. Music from the great Bernard Herrmann. Oh! And lots of web site updates!


Yes, kids, it's Grok Radio, where every week, or pretty close to that, but sometimes every two weeks, or if they're drinking a lot of coffee, twice in one week, however rarely more than four times per month, Susan and Doug are your hosts for an entertaining and eductational discussion of life, The Universe and everything. They're funny, smart, spiritual, often confused and occasionally pissed off. It's like a reality pu-pu platter. All slathered with ginger sauce... and booze.

We're all just figuring life out by trial and error—we simply don't live long enough to really get good at it—so pull up a martini and follow along as they experiment. Explore the things that make life interesting—technology, music, philosophy, politics, religion (or non-religion), the nature of the universe, sex, marriage and relationships, hobbies and avocations, booze and whatever else might pop out of their mouths. Well, the sex doesn't pop out of their mouths, at least not on the air. Nor the booze, although from time to time it will shoot out of their noses.

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A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.

- Gerald R. Ford
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